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Hello to all my friends and watchers, 

I'd like to tell you all something rather personal that is going on in my life right now. Which is something I rarely often do. Most of the times I'm telling stuff about Transformers, Dinosaurs, or Pokemon and stuff like that. 

Now in case any of you were currently unaware, I'm a college student. I actually joined DA the summer I finished High School and right before heading off to college. I gotta say, this has been a great experience overall. Now college is nearly over for me and I'll be graduating in May. 

But I wouldn't exactly say that College was the best time of my life, because that would've been High School if I'm being completely honest, but it certainly was a life-changing experience as it should (even if it wasn't as much as it is for other). There were many things in College I didn't enjoy.

Freshman year started out a bit rough. I was a part of the school's running team and had to go up to college a week before it began to start training with the other teammates. So I had to struggle with some homesick anxiety, as this was the first time in my life I was ever away from my home and family for such an extended period of time. Fortunately, it passed quickly once the school year started and I was too busy with my classes to be homesick. My first year dorm wasn't the greatest as I had to deal with a roommate who snored so heavily that I could barely get any sleep. Fortunately he moved out a month into the semester and I got a new roommate a couple weeks after. We didn't have any problems with each other and got along well. But he was a serious introvert so he really wasn't open to socializing, so we were really more of just roommates than actual friends. What's mores is that the dorm I was in absolutely sucked. Barely any heating so the winters were cold and barely any air conditioning so the nights were hot and restless once spring came along and the humidity returned. Plus my dorm had no common room I could go into during my free time, whether it be to talk to people or just hang out. I did alright in my classes though I ended up failing 3 classes. Spring Semester I got into problems with one of my teachers (I won't go into details, but the teacher is seriously bad at his job). I had to end take 2 summer courses (one at the school and one at a college closer to my hometown) to boost my grade up and 2 half course credit classes for the duration of my Sophomore year. 

Sophomore year was meh all things considered. They stuck me back in the same dorm I was in Freshman year, even gave me my same roommate. So I opted to move out of there as quick as I could. It wasn't because of my roommate or anything, it was really the dorm as I just didn't want to spend another year in that crappy dorm again. I ended up moving in with another student in a much better dorm overall. This dorm building was so much better overall; it had great heating, air conditioning, actual common rooms, it even had a workout room with a treadmill that I could run on. But the relationship I had with my new roommate kept it from being perfect as we really did not get along well. He was in the school' theater group and would often spend long nights with preparing for any upcoming school play, often returning to the room at 1 or 2 in the morning. Plus he's a super light sleeper and accused me of keeping him awake with the way I apparently breath while I'm sleeping. Now I don't snore or anything, but I can't exactly control the way in which I breath while I sleep. So I have no idea where he's getting this idea from. He ended up moving out at the near-end of the semester. I felt bad at first, because I thought it was my sleeping habits that he just couldn't tolerate, but the RA of my dorm informed me he moved was because he was seeking a single room for himself but couldn't find one and had to settle for a double. So they were really more of his problems, not mine. I also didn't do Cross Country for the rest of my time in college because the workload of my classes started to get too much for me. I still run to keep in shape, I just no longer do it competitively. Plus college Cross Country is much different than it was back in high school as the races are much longer, too long for my taste. I can push myself and run competitively for 5K races they had in high school, but the races in college for 10K and too much for my taste. My classes were another reason Sophomore year was meh for me, as this was the year I ended up failing both Biology and Geology classes. The 2 classes I both wanted to take and ones I personally felt that I would do great in, and I end up failing both of them. Now I don't blame the teachers that I had for those classes (although I do admit they seemed pretty tough and strict with their classes), but I ultimately blame myself for this failure. Why? Because I severely underestimated my knowledge and abilities I had prior to taking the courses and believed they would be enough to get me by. Unfortunately, they were not. I just failed to comprehend the seriousness and complexity of these course subjects and I ended up paying the price. The other classes I took really weren't that fun, I took an art class that required long hours of work and the others had rigorous course work. Though I did like the one Anthropology class I took which made me eventually decide to major in that field since being a Paleontologist was no longer an option. The summer classes I took were alright, I didn't have to return to school and was able to take them again at the college close to my hometown. I honestly loved the college there a lot more than the one I was currently attending. The campus looked nice and there was stuff to do in the surrounding areas (which there really isn't much of at the campus I'm currently attending). So it got me into thinking if I could possibly transfer over to this other college. I liked the campus and teachers I had plus it'd be a lot more closer to home, I'd probably still live on campus though but at least I could maybe return home on the weekends. I even made a journal entry about how I was gonna try and get good grades the beginning of Junior Year so I could transfer over to the other college after the Fall Semester. Sadly though, it didn't work out and I'm still in the same college. :( (Sad) It wasn't because I didn't do well, it was more of that a lot of my course credits wouldn't be able to transfer over, specifically the ones that pertain to my new major in Anthropology. If I did transfer over, assuming that they accepted me, I'd have to do twice the amount of schoolwork to make up for the credits that couldn't transfer over which meant taking an additional semester or two. While I personally wouldn't have a problem with that, my parents said they couldn't afford as the tuition cost for the college I'm currently was too much and they couldn't afford it this far into my college career. 

That being said, my Junior Year was much better than my previous two years. I did better in my classes and didn't fail a single one. What's more is that I actually enjoyed the Anthropology classes I was in now that I had changed my major, so my classes felt more enjoyable rather than just something I had to tolerate going to every day. The dorm I was in my Junior year of college was alright, conditions there were basically a mix between the dorms I stayed in for my Freshman and Sophomore years. Heating and air conditioning weren't the best, but they made it tolerable, there were common rooms that I could hang out in. I also was in a single room this year finally, after the experience I had with my roommate Sophomore year I realized that I just couldn't handle living with a roommate while dealing with the academics of college. Overall, there wasn't much to complain about, all except for the showers. Anytime I took one, there was barely any hot water, and I take my showers early in the morning before anyone else. So how in the hell can they get cold so quickly when I'm pretty much the first one using them for the day? Other than that, Junior year was a great experience overall. Even though I didn't fail any of them classes, I did have to go back take a summer course. The course I took was Geology, and it was mainly to scratch the "F" I received in that class off of my academic record (which I did by earning a "C+"). 

Which brings us to my senior year, where I am currently in my final semester and exactly 2 months away from graduating. The dorm I'm is the same one I was in sophomore year, and ironically the room I'm in is right next to the double I was in. Fortunately, I'm in a single again and don't have to deal with roommates once again. Plus this dorm's the best one I've been in so I can't complain about anything there. Fall semester was pretty good overall, loved the classes I was in and even got to take a creative writing class that helped me improve on how I can better write fan fiction. I ended up getting all "B's" for the semester and am currently working to get all "B's" and maybe even some "A's" for this semester. I enjoy the classes I'm currently in, though there's quite a lot of workload. But I'm confident I'll do well this semester, I just got to work hard and focus on my work. 

So yeah, my time at college wasn't exactly the greatest time of my life (like I said before, that was high school). But after a little while and some course changing, it turned out to be quite a pleasurable experience. 

With all that being said, I only wish I could've had a better overall social experience the years I was here. Now don't get me wrong, I had problems learning to socialize with other people (by which I mean talking to people who didn't have the same interests as me). But throughout Middle School and High School, I got help from teachers and those problems were corrected prior to me going off to college. Now while I did meet a couple people up here at college, I was still hoping to meet those who had similar interests as me (whether they be into Pokemon, Transformers, etc.). Sadly, they didn't exactly make themselves present or open. Outside of the frat houses, dorm mates, school clubs, sports teams, and shared classes, people don't really commune with one another. It doesn't help that the town my college is in really doesn't have any social centers or things for students to do in their spare time. The school's doing more social events this year as there's now a video game club as well as occasional trips to a Dave & Busters (which is super fun BTW, go there if you haven't gone to one already), but this is something I just wished they had been doing when I first came to college. Fortunately though I still have my circle of friends I made back home in high school anytime I was back for breaks and the summer (we also talked on Facebook), so it's not like I didn't have any friends at all. 

Which brings us to the ever-lasting question. Once I'm all done with college, what's in store for me after? Where does my destiny lie when I'm done with school once and for all?

Well, if I'm being perfectly honest, I don't where I'll go next. I'll likely still live at home and look for a job after college is over. I'm not really sure what I want to do for a career, as having a degree in Anthropology opens up so many possibilities. But I once I eventually find a serious well-paying job, I'll likely move out of my home and get an apartment. Then from there it's meet a nice girl, get married, move out of the apartment and into a new house, have some kids and start a family. You know, life stuff. I'm just not certain when those things will happen in my life or even where they'll take me. All I know is I gotta ultimately seek it out myself because no one's gonna do it for me. 

I guess the other question is, what exactly will this all mean about my future on DA? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this place and all the people I've met in the time I've been here. I honestly wish I could've gotten on here sooner and don't understand why I never did. I'll probably be around more often right after college ends since I'll have more free time, but afterwards I'm not sure if I'll be on as much as I have been. I know I've said that several times in the past, but in those instances it was all because I had to focus more on schoolwork. Now that school's over with, I'm obviously gonna have to get a job. Then once I eventually find a serious job and get my own apartment, I don't think I'll be around once all the "life stuff" I mentioned comes into play. As much as it pains me to say this, nothing good last forever. Times change, as do people and what goes on in their life. Though I'll always remember everything I've learned since joining DA 

But hey, this is all WAY into the future. I'm still in the here and now with y'all on DA and intend to make the best of it as I can. :D (Big Grin)

Unfortunately, my next announcement kind of contradicts that statement. Midterms and college papers here are coming up and I'm afraid that once again I'm not gonna be on DA as often. I'll probably have some breathing room once the exams are over, but then I'll have to then get ready for finals so it won't last long. So with all that being said, I'm going to have to spend a lot of the time I normally spend browsing on DA and talking with people working on assignments for my classes and studying for upcoming exams. I of course won't be gone forever or completely vanish. I'll still occasionally post stuff, but it just won't be as often as it was. 

When school's all done with...I'll be on as often as I can, but once things in my life start taking up too much of my time, I'll unfortunately have to pack up and leave DA. But like I said, that's all in the future and I have no idea when it's gonna be. 

Thank you all and wish me luck for my last semester here. 



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Gregory M.
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United States
Hello to all my watchers! And to anyone else who just happens to come across my art or this page. While my artwork or stories might seem inferior to some other stuff you've probably seen on DeviantArt. I am just grateful for people taking an interest or even a look at what I've posted. If you do like my work and want to see or read more, then by all means feel free to leave a comment and add me to your watch list.

Here's a list of what my artwork will generally consist of:
1.) Transformers
2.) Godzilla
3.) Dinosaurs
4.) Adventure Time and Steven Universe
5.) Pokemon (maybe a couple Yugioh stuff every now and again)
6.) My Adventure Time/Transformers OC (Original Character), Greg/Quickstrike
7.) My Steven Universe Gemsona, Black Moon Stone
8.) Drawings of Cryptids and other creatures/monsters of Mythology and Cryptozoology. *Note: Some of them I do believe could exist, some of them I don't, I just really like drawing them! :)

I'm a college student, so I won't be on 24/7.

Thanks again to everyone and anyone who likes my work!


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PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Well thanks to the power of emulators, i might have a way to play Gens 6-7 on my phone
Strikerprime Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Student

Just don’t take the cheap route and use more than 1 Starter. Except in X/Y, since they give you an additional starter in the game.
PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Let's not count our Torchics before they hatch

IDK if it even is compatible on my phone....I assume it should be

Also I already have my XY (Y) team planned out

For Y

Noivern (I know you get Noibat late in-game)

I know bad weakness to Ground and fighting
Strikerprime Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student
Then just replace one of your team members with a Psychic or Ghost-type. I can tell you that Noivern’s not gonna be enough given how frail it is.
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JuliotheGallade2 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018
I have question?which your Favorite and least Favorite Poketuber for you?
Strikerprime Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018  Student
Hard to say which one is my favorite, as I love many Poketubers for a variety of reason. I love numerous competitive battlers such as Mr. Talent, Wolfe Glicke, and CybertronProductions. MunchingOrange has great playthroughs, TheDex does great overviews/analyses of Pokemon and the behind them, False Swipe Gaming does incredible analyses of a Pokemon's competitive history throughout the generations, Vizually also is a good competitive battler but he also does the Battle Tree in Sun/Moon so I love watching those vids as they give me good team ideas, Fawfuls Minion does awesome Pokemon videos too (and good reviews of the games overall), and Pimpnite is able to pull off incredible sweeps with lesser used Pokemon including pre-evolutions that I myself would never consider using competitively. 

My least favorite Poketuber has got to be Verlisify. I initially really liked him because unlike a lot of people out there he would actually try and find competitive viability in many lesser used Pokemon. In fact a lot of the Pokemon I've raised for competitive battle and made entries of here on DA are sets based on stuff that he's posted. His Fan Friday videos were nice too, as many of them often showed unique battle strategies and gave the spotlight to lesser used Pokemon showing off their prowess in competitive battle when they were used properly. Unfortunately, he's super judgemental and openly criticizes other Poketubers, accusing them of hacking. Now don't get me wrong, I condone using hacked Pokemon too as it's a cheap way to get by, but he just really goes overboard on it. Hell he even accuses people of hacking if they have a team of whole team of shiny Pokemon. I have enough shiny Pokemon (to which I obtained via breeding, events, or obtained in a previous gen.), if I used them all on the same time he would likely accuse me of being a hacker. What's more is that when Poketubers call him out on his accusations with evidence that proves what they're saying is the truth, Verlisify doesn't even respond. Hell, when it's been proven that his accusation is incorrect, he doesn't even apologize for his actions. I almost feel that Verlis does these sort of things just to get attention. There are many other ways to get attention by NOT being an asshole.  

Now I never really watched any of these hate videos he's made for a long time, primarily because I really didn't care and just decided to see the good in his channel. Then a couple months ago, Verlis made a vid where he criticizes Pimpnite of using a hacked Pokemon in a video and then started going on about how he's a complete fraud since he uses hacked Pokemon. Then Pimpnite went and made a video response to Verlis's accusation. Pimpnite did admit that the Pokemon he used that was accused of being hacked was actually hacked, he then stated that he wasn't aware at the time that it was hacked because he had gotten it from a friend. But he still takes responsibility for not double checking to see if they were hacked. Pimpnite then goes on to call out Verlis on ALL of his bullshit; how he accuses people of hacking without first researching how they obtained the alleged hacked Pokemon, how he's a hypocrite for saying that both cloning and glitching Pokemon is hacking and cheating when he has admitted on several occasions that he doesn't consider cloning and gliching as cheating, and just how harsh and rude he is to other people (you'll pretty much be considered dead to him if you don't agree with him on something). Now Pimpnite NEVER makes videos like this, he even stated that he didn't even want to make this video because he's not that kind of person. He only did it because Verlisify pretty much made him do it by accusing him. What's more is that despite not wanting to make this video, Pimpnite stated that he's actually been preparing for when Verlis would accuse him of hacking for years because he knew he would eventually. That there shows just how bad of a person Verlisify is, to where someone has to go as far as preparing to call him out on all his bullshit when he finally points his finger at them (even when they don't want to). That he just can't talk to someone he thinks is hacking first like a civilized person, he always has to call them out on something without warning all so he can get attention. 

It was from Pimpnite's video that I realized how oblivious I was to the truth behind Verlisify. I loved all the good stuff his channel offered and turned a blind eye to all the unfair and harsh criticism he gave to other Poketubers. Now I realize that I was wrong in doing that. Despite all the good things I liked about his channel, none of them excuse Verlisify of being a terrible person. So I unsubscribed to his channel and never looked back. 
DJHiryu508 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Hey, guess what? They finally released the hidden abilty alola starters via pokemon bank.
Strikerprime Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student
Yep, about frikkin' time! 

Best of all, you can receive them via the deliveryman in the Pokemon center and what's more receive each one individually. Meaning you can soft reset till you get them with either the right nature (than all that's left is just leveling them up to 100) or at the very lest have them be female in case you need to breed some egg moves onto them (and having them female makes it easier to pass down its hidden ability to its offspring). 
DJHiryu508 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018
I was actually blessed with a pretty decent nature for my Incineroar: impish. Now all that's left to do is throw him into isle evelup to boost his EVs.
Strikerprime Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Student
Either that or SOS chain if you want to EV train faster. 
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